By Bayani San Diego Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:34:00 05/02/2009

GUESTS TURNED on the waterworks big time at the wedding of celebrity couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos, held in San Juan, Batangas, on April 28, wedding coordinator Rita Neri reported.

“I myself cried,” confessed Neri who’s a veteran of countless weddings. “It’s because Judai and Ryan got their wish and we could all see that their love for each other is so genuine.”

Guest Ces Quesada agreed: “Everyone at the San Juan Nepomuceno Church cried and laughed. Everyone was nervous and excited.”

After the tears, it was time to party—with brunch at Balai Laiya, followed by an evening reception at Balai Anilao. Both resorts are in Batangas.

Although she hardly slept a wink, matron of honor Sharon Cuneta stayed at the brunch party to celebrate her own 13th wedding anniversary (with Sen. Francis Pangilinan) with the newlyweds.

She told the Inquirer that a fund-raising dinner for husband Pangilinan finished at 1 a.m. that same day and she motored straight to Batangas for the 6:30 a.m. rites. She arrived at 4:30 a.m., just enough time to shower and get dolled up, she said.

The ceremony was set on that day and time after consulting astrologer Zenaida Seva. Noel Ferrer, Agoncillo’s manager, kept the identities of the couple secret from Seva.

“He just gave me their birth dates and birth hours. But looking for a lucky date is time-consuming and complicated,” Seva explained.

To expedite the process, Ferrer gave Seva three dates to choose from. “Among the three dates, April 28 was the best and I told them to hold the ceremony after 6 a.m.”

After brunch, the couple rode a pump boat to Anilao—with friends KC Concepcion, Ogie Alcasid and Joyce Bernal, recalled filmmaker Dante Nico Garcia.

“There were four boats: For the couple; Ryan’s family and friends; Judai’s family; and the last one for the camera crew,” Garcia said.

Two-part special

The proceedings were videotaped for a two-part special to be aired on May 17 and 24 on ABS-CBN, said Garcia who’s directing the docus.

During the three-hour boat ride from Laiya to Anilao, the bride slept soundly, related Garcia.

Upon arrival in Anilao, the couple had a ball.

The newlyweds were greeted by Chang Mai lanterns floating in the sea and more white and green flowers, just like in the church.

Ecological theme

Neri said that the church and the Laiya and Anilao receptions were spruced up by florist Robert Blancaflor. “Theme was white and green,” Neri explained. “Very ecological because they love the outdoors.”

The three-layer wedding cake by Penk Ching was decorated with white and green gumamela blooms. “Each layer also featured fondant pictures of Judai and Ryan kissing in three different cities: Pisa, Prague and Paris,” said Neri.

Throughout the night, the band Session Road played reggae tunes, while the Apo Hiking Society sang out old hits.

“Judai’s all-time fave is the Apo’s ‘Wala Nang Hahanapin Pa,’” said Garcia who also acted as the dinner reception host.

In the wee small hours of the morning, Alcasid jammed with the band and played the piano, recalled Garcia.

“We all had fun,” recounted guest Gina Pareño who played Santos’ mom in the movies “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” and “Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo.”

Santos’ real-life mom Carol agreed: “I’m so happy for my daughter and son-in-law.”

Neri was also in charge of the Manila reception, held at Le Soufflé Rockwell Makati on Saturday.
“While Batangas was laid-back, Makati was glitzy,” she said.

Expected at the Makati party were Santos’ old ka-love team Piolo Pascual, as well as her so-called rival (on TV) Claudine Barretto and husband Raymart Santiago, among other celebs, said Ferrer.


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