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All About The Veronicas

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The Veronicas is an award winning electro based pop-rock band based in Australia. The band was formed in 2005, in Brisbane, by twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. They have their own line of clothing for all ages that they released beginning in 2007.

They have released two studio albums, the first being The Secret Life of... in 2005. The debut album peaked at #4 on the Australian charts and gain an ARIA certification of four times platinum, for 280,000+ sales. The Secret Life of... spawned five singles, including three top ten singles in Australia.

The band released their second album Hook Me Up in 2007. It peaked at #2 on the Australian charts, earning a certification of two times platinum. The album has had four Australian top ten singles released from it to date. The album's title track, "Hook Me Up", was The Veronicas' first number one single in Australia.

Personal lives

Currently both members live in Los Angeles, California and in their hometown of Brisbane, Australia, when not travelling in the U.S.


Lisa dated singer Ryan Cabrera in 2006, though their relationship ended that year. She dedicated a song to him called "Revenge Is Sweeter", where she sings in the second verse "...your on the way down..." as in Ryan Cabrera's hit "On the Way Down". However, she sang this in a mocking manner.[62] In April 2007 she began dating former Australian Idol contestant Dean Geyer and they announced their engagement in April 2008. Lisa's relationship with Geyer, including their engagement, ended abruptly in July 2008 due to "difficulties with long distance and with their career paths going in different directions"..She dated with the collaborator from Silverchair, Yon Garfias in 2007. In an interview on March 3, 2009, Lisa stated that she and Jess were both single.. Lisa was rumored to be dating Short Stack lead singer Shaun Diviney but it has been reported as of LATE April, she has been rocking it out with Joe Jonas. They have been seen together in Australia Carney.


In 2008, Jess was caught in a controversy when she was seen kissing MTV Australia VJ Ruby Rose Langenheim at the 2008 Cleo Bachelor of the Year Awards after party. Although the Australian media has described the pair as "genuinely keen on one another," Langenheim denied a romantic relationship in a live blog, stating that the two are "really good mates."

In August 2008, Jess had images of her leaked onto the internet through US porn site Fleshbot.com. The "series of four photographs, taken three years ago, has also been sold to two local gossip magazines," with a Warner Music publicist telling the celebrity department of the Herald Sun, Confidential, "The portrait photograph of the girl looking at the camera is obviously Jess but, although the photos appear to have similarities in style and setting, I'm confident that the girl in the topless photograph is not her." Legal action has been taken against a former lover of hers, who allegedly sold the photos. Prior to the Australian ARIA Music Awards in 2008, Origliasso noted, "We are not up there (on stage at the ARIAs) because my boobs were flashed all over the world". It has been reported that she is currently dating Zane Carney from the band Carney.


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