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Robi Domingo: 1st Hottie of the Week

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Robert Marion Eusebio Domingo

An actor, VJ, and the first runner up of the reality television show Pinoy Big
Brother Teen Edition Plus.

Robi was born on September 27, 1989 to parents who are both doctors. His father, Roberto "Boy" Domingo who acted as his guardian inside the PBB house, is a General Surgeon while his mother, Mary Ann Domingo works as the company doctor of SSS. Robi has one younger brother named Robert Marlo Domingo (known as Maro) who also went inside the PBB house for one day.

Robi has been attending Ateneo since elementary and decided to continue studying there for his pre-med studies after exiting the PBB house. He is now a college freshman majoring in Health Sciences.

Television career:
Robi, together with his fellow housemate Josef, entered the Pinoy Big Brother house as the "Plus housemates". Their entry was given the "school rivalry" angle because they came from schools who are considered as rivals in the Philippines.[2] During the first week, Robi and Josef were given the secret task of convincing their housemates that they were "Best Buds Forever" who have been estranged for a number of years only to see each other again in the show's auditions. They were not able to succeed in their task because their ruse was discovered by housemate Jieriel.

Robi managed to not get a single nomination from his housmates for several weeks because they were all in agreement that Robi. The clean streak was broken by Nicole Uysiuseng who gave him his first point. Incidentally, that same nomination day, the teens' guardians nominated Robi for eviction, citing the reasons that Robi was wealthy and "did not need the prize". Though he only got one point from Nicole and no other housemates gave him the nomination, the guardians' decision was enough to put him up in the list of those nominated for eviction for that week together with Josef, Jolas and Rona. Robi managed to get the highest percentage of votes and survived that eviction night and Jolas was evicted.

After a couple of weeks of not being nominated, Robi gained audience and fans' sympathy for being nominated three straight times with reasons normally concerning his status in life. Amidst the controversies surrounding the number of votes as well as the brewing rumors of being cheated, Robi graciously accepted his defeat at the hands of Promdi Hottie Ejay Falcon and emerged as the first runner up in the reality show.

Shortly after exiting the PBB house, Robi, Josef and Nicole were given the opportunity to join the cast of the Philippine remake of My Girl, playing a minor role as Hanna Abueva/Miranda's admirer.

Favorite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Favorite subject in school: Religion, Social Studies, Tulong Dunong
Least liked subject in school: English and literature
Favorite sport: Baseball, track and field
Favorite summer/vacation destination: somewhere cold like in Baguio
Hobbies/Interests: Running; playing with younger bro, friends, and family
Ultimate celebrity crush: Elisha Cuthbert

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robi_Domingo


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