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The followings are the best positions in making love.. LOL
It could be the copulation of two people who are both in love or just an act of pleasure.. According to the masters of "jer2x" these are ways to achieved best of orgasm, climax o kahit anu pang tawag sa mundo ng ligayang hatid ng pakikipagtalik..
di ko pa ito na-try balak pa lng...
Sa mga nagbabalak na gawin ang mga sumusunod make sure your practicing safe sex..

1. Pressed Position

The Pressed position is a classic move straight from the Kama Sutra that is excellent for the G-spot orgasm, multiple orgasms, heavier female partners, or men with a smaller than average penis.

This position, like the Half-Pressed, is one in which the woman assumes a submissive posture. This can create arousing subconscious emotions in both partners, enabling the woman to feel vulnerable and the man to feel powerful.

How to do it:

* The woman lies on her back and allows the man to penetrate her, as in missionary position
* After penetration has been achieved, she then raises her legs up and back, until they are either on his shoulders or on his chest.
* The man kneels up against her and uses her thighs for support, and she can grab onto his hips to help bring him into her.

The Pressed Position allows for extreme penetration and his pelvic arch is against her clitoral area. It also provides a nice rubbing against the top of the vaginal wall because of the height of the man compared to the woman, which is what stimulates the G-spot.

2. Italian Hanger

Also known as: Flower Press, Flower in Bloom

Similar to the Sorority Fuck but at a slightly different angle, the Italian Hanger allows deep penetration and leaves his hands free to explore. If you want to hit that g-spot, this is the one right here.

How to do it:

* Start in the missionary position, with the man on top of the woman.
* The woman should plant her feet on the surface of the bed while the man shifts his hands to her waist.
* The woman should thrust her pelvis upward while the man pulls up on her waist. She should keep her feet planted on the bed. Her back should lift from the mattress in an arch.
* The man should shift his hands to the woman’s upper thighs or buttocks to provide support while she arches.
* Experiment with different penetration angles. The man should continually change the angle and depth of penetration.

Also known as: The Rabbit, The Arch

3. Squashing the Deckchair

The Squashing the Deckchair position will give you amazing deep penetration, and is perfect for guys with a small penis. In Sir Richard Burton’s translation of the Perfumed Garden, this position is called the “Second Posture,” while the Kama Sutra describes it as the “Position of the Wife of Indra.”

No matter what it’s called, for any guy with an average size penis this position is guaranteed to bang the hell out of her cervix, so exercise care.

4. The Beetle

Unlike most rear entry positions in which he holds the reins, the Beetle puts her squarely in control. To tease him, she may partially lower herself onto his cock, then raise up again. He may beg for her to take the full plunge, but tantalizing him in this way will please him as much as her.

How to do it:

* He simply sits back on his heels.
* With her back to him and her feet planted on either side of his legs, she lowers herself onto his erect penis.
* To keep her steady and for erotic touch, he supports her with his hands under her buttocks.
* Her motion can be up and down, or orbital. Either way, the penetration will be deep.

Done in front of a mirror, this position offers the ultimate erotic display.

Also known as: White Tiger

5. Leap Frog

Contrary to what the name implies, there is no jumping or leaping involved in performing the leapfrog sexual position. It is similar to the doggy style position, and is one of the best positions for amazingly deep penetration.

How to do it:

* The woman should get on her knees and allow her upper torso to lay flat on the bed or floor. As an alternative, she can rest on her elbows.
* The man should position himself behind the woman’s buttocks and locate her anus with his fingers or with the head of his penis.

6. The Star / Camel Ride / Camel Style

The woman lies on her side, one leg straight out, the other raised or to the side. The man enters her, straddling her outstretched leg and supporting her raised leg.

Also known as: Camel Ride or the Flag Pole

7. Italian Chandelier

A variant of the Reverse Cowgirl position. The man lies flat on his back. The woman has her back to him and faces away from him as she sits down on top of his cock, with her legs straddling the outside of his thighs. After he has entered her, she leans back on her hands, which are at his sides, and then onto her feet, lifting up her body and putting her head back, looking up toward the ceiling. In this crab-like position, she almost looks like she’s doing a back bend.

Also known as: The Crab

8. Asian Cowgirl

Take her to the peak of pleasure mountain with this rodeo ride of a lifetime. Ideal for when guys are low on stamina or in need of a break, let her do the work and sit back and enjoy the view.

In this position the man lies on his back while the women squats, not kneels on top of the man facing him.

9. Playing the Cello

A modification of the Octopus. The woman lies on her back with her legs together, pointing straight up. The man kneels and puts her legs on one shoulder or the other (over the left shoulder is the proper “Cello position”) and tries to fuck some nice tunes out of her.

10. Seventh Posture

All that gyrating ensures that every thrust hits a new pleasure zone inside her. The lower he goes, the deeper he gets - test different levels to discover what feels best.

From The Perfumed Garden:

MANNER THE SEVENTH — Place the woman on her side, and squat between her thighs, with one of her legs on your shoulder and the other between your thighs, while she remains lying on her side. Then you enter her vagina, and make her move by drawing her towards your chest by means of your hands, with which you hold her embraced.

Also known as: Sidewinder


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